Why the Bose QC35-II is awful!

the bose quiccy 34 is very bad cuz of ActiveEQ, ActiveEQ is making up for faults in the driver that prevent it from going low in the lowest ot low-end low frequencies (BASSY BASS BASS BOOST) and it's very warm and meh in the top end not very cool :( and it's slow and sloppy bass with weak detail in the midrange vocals and treble. Even the Koss Porta Pro can pick up Niel Cicieriga's textured voice, but the Boss just glosses over it like your mom's lipstick.

  3. they are the noise cancellor chancellors so and very comfort and juicy so
  4. jumpscaré
  5. in all seriousness bøse is pretty dang good at making some fake leather oh my god i want to be buried in this!!!!!!
  6. oh my god i literally want my coffin lined with this material it's so good
  7. much gloss in the detail, smoother than water or your mom's lipstick.
on god i literally forgot that i could HTML HOW DO I REMEMBER THIS STUFF OMG!!!!!!